Welcome to the Thoroughly Modern Browsers Project

The goal of this project is to make all major browsers act as consistently as possible when dealing with the latest of specifications on the web.

Ultimately, the goal is to encourage the use of the latest standard techniques be used in authoring web pages.

Action Plan

Initially, the plan is to provide the following functionality across browsers by providing a javascript compatibility script:

  1. Develop a library to validate a page to ensure it isn't using out-of-date elements or attributes.
  2. Create test pages that clearly show a browser's lack of support for a particular feature, along with pages with the compatibiliy scripts loaded to show that the browser has been rendered compatible.
  3. Develop a library to reorganize DOMs generated by parsers that get confused by HTML5 elements (Gecko, hang your head in shame).
  4. Develop cross-browser replacements for all the features identified by the Modernizr library.
  5. Fill in the rest of the gaps with HTML5.
  6. Start working on CSS2.1 and CSS3 features missing from browsers.
  7. Implement as much of Xforms for HTML as possible.
  8. Check what the WhatWG have developed that needs working on.

Open Issues

Some of the things that need to be sorted out:

  • Should we start from a lightweight base library such as JQuery to simplify some of the cross-browser issues?
  • Whether to dynamically load sections of compatibility script so as not to slow down pages that don't need the full meal deal.

Other Places to see for

Since this is a Sourceforge project, there are other places to look for information.

There is a Wiki for the project that will be used for the most part for documentation. Since it is an instance of Trac, it will also be used for project planning and bug tracking.